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Injury Screening Assessment for Runners at Total Physiocare

At Total Physiocare, we treat countless runners presenting with injuries that could have easily been prevented. Hence, we have developed a gap FREE running injury screening tool with the ultimate aim of identifying those that are at risk of injury before an injury strikes! Whether you’re  a casual runner or elite athlete, this assessment is appropriate for you.

What does the assessment involve?

The assessment will be carried out at Total Physiocare Heidelberg by Physiotherapists Kara Giannone or Louise Holland. The assessment will firstly involve gaining a thorough understanding of the athlete’s running history, existing and pre-existing injuries and running goals. This will be followed by a comprehensive analysis of:
– Posture
– Running technique and biomechanics of movements
– Strength
– Power
– Endurance
– Joint range of movement

What happens next?

The physiotherapist will then provide yourself and if applicable, your running coach/personal trainer, with a summary of any risk factors that may be predisposing you to injury. If you are identified as being at risk of injury, strategies can then be put in place to intervene before an injury develops and ultimately keep you doing what you love – running! By improving these risk factors, there is also likely to have a flow on effect in improving your running technique and ability.

How do I organise my gap FREE running injury assessment?

To find out more or organise your assessment, please give Total Physiocare Heidelberg a call on 9457 7474.

Book an appointment today for your assessment! (Only available in Heidelberg)