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Total Physiocare Group Exercise Program 2017


We hope that with the start of a new year, you are all planning to make the year a positive one for your health. We would love to help you achieve all your health goals.

Our group exercise programs have started again this week, and it is the perfect time for you to get back onto the health band wagon. As well as the clinical pilates programs that we have offered in the past, we are very excited to have added a couple of extra classes.

Clinical Pilates

Our clinical pilates program is run by our physiotherapists and involve reformer and trapeze based exercises. Our programs have been running successfully for many years and the classes are a great way to strengthen you back, decrease back pain, improve balance, keep fit and have fun. This class is a 60 minute session. Maximum participants = 6

Supervised Hydrotherapy

This program is run out of the Reservoir Leisure Centre by our physiotherapists. They provide supervision, and instruction as you complete your water based exercise program which is specific for you. The benefits of exercising in water are immense. There is both the effect of buoyancy, the hydrostatic pressure of the water that helps with swelling, warmth of the water which helps with arthritic joints and chronic pain, and the resistance of the water which is great for strength training. No swimming ability is necessary, however confidence in the water is preferred. This class is a 60 minute session run by a physiotherapist. Not available on a 10 Class Pass as these classes are cheaper.

Living Strong

This class is perfect for clients who are concerned about their balance and their ability to get the most out of their body. This will be a functional fun program that concentrates on strengthening the key muscle groups, core stability and balance retraining. This class is a 60 minute session run by a physiotherapist. Maximum participants = 8

Total Workout

This class is designed as a medium to high level class that incorporates clinical pilates, core strength and cardiovascular components. It is aimed at those wanting a great clinical pilates experience with the added extras of really knowing you have had a tough general workout as well. Our Physiotherapists plan to get the whip out to make sure you feel you have worked hard! This class is a 60 minute session. Maximum participants = 6

Yoga for Beginners

Our physiotherapist, Louise, will take you through gentle yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness and stress reduction. The class incorporates breath and sustained stretches which will leave you feeling relaxed, flexible and ready to tackle the World around you. With her experience and knowledge as a physiotherapist, she is in the perfect position to modify any exercises to suit your specific health needs. The class is a 60 minute session and is perfect for those who have high stress levels. Maximum participants = 8

All of our classes (except supervised hydrotherapy) are available with a 10 Class Pass. The pass enables you to attend any of the classes as long as there is a vacancy. So you can have the flexibility to attend the class that suits you. Feeling stressed? Pop into the yoga class…
All of our classes have a maximum number of participants to ensure that you get the quality of care you deserve.

We hope that you are as excited about the new and improved 2017 class program as we are! If you have any feedback about the changes, we would love to hear from you. To enquire about the programs, book into a class or purchase a 10 Class Pass, simply contact our admin team.

If you would like the freedom and convenience to attend the clinic at any time that suits you, we do have a few individual programs that may be of interest to you.

Better Back Program

This is an individualised program run by a clinical pilates trained physiotherapist. You complete one on one clinical pilates. This gives you great continuity, specialised care and all at a great price. This program is available in packs of 4, 6, 8. 10 sessions and offer up to a 20% discount of the normal cost.


Is an individualised program that is designed specifically for you. Either a physiotherapist or our Exercise Physiologist will design your program, educate you as to how to do each exercise correctly. Then you can attend the clinic at a time that suits you. You simply get out your program and away you go! The physiotherapists are always available to check how you are going, correct your technique and to keep you motivated. This program is claimable through you health fund if you have extras.

Total Fit

Total Fit is a program designed to help you get the best out of yourself. It is a program designed by our exercise physiologist and includes 4 sessions with him and 10 individual gym sessions. It will get you firing on all cylinders!

If any of these programs is of interest to you please contact our admin team or ask your physiotherapist.

Wishing you the best for 2017. Stay safe and happy, and we look forward to helping you achieve your health goals this year.

Total Physiocare Group

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