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At TotalCare our focus is you. We understand that everyone is different and that therefore a holistic approach to care is optimal. With this in mind, we aim to provide a wide range of services that meet a range of needs all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We have HICAPS! If you have Private Health Insurance we can swipe your card and you’ll only pay for the gap.

Yes! There is parking available on our premises. Pull into the driveway, press the TotalCare button on the wall and you will be let into the car park.

Please let us know by calling 03 8393 5288. Even when calling after hours, you will be given the option to leave a message. We appreciate you letting us know rather than not attending. If less than 24 hours of notice is given for a cancellation, a cancellation fee may be charged.

An Initial appointment - 40 minutes.
A Subsequent appointment - 20 minutes.
Specialist Physiotherapy – 60 minutes.

Yes! Physiotherapy is a safe and effective method of pain management, exercise, and relaxation during pregnancy.

Yes! We understand that it may be difficult to book an appointment within work hours. Please view our open and closing times – including after hours!

Mon, Tue, Thur: 8 am – 7 pm
Wed: 8 am – 6 pm
Fri: 8 am – 5 pm

Yes! You will need to provide your concession card.

No. You do not need a GP referral to be seen by our TotalCare Team.

No. You do not need an X-Ray or Scan to be seen by our TotalCare Team. If you do have these, bring them to your appointment so your health practitioner can view them.

Please bring any documents or scans relating to your injury (if you have any). If your injury is related to running, then we recommend you also bring your running shoes in for the assessment.

In your first session, your practitioner will take a detailed history of your injury or concern. Based on what you have described, your practitioner will do a thorough assessment of the injured/concerned part as well as other areas of your body that may be contributing to your current condition. With all this information, your practitioner will diagnose your problem and establish a treatment plan particular to your needs.

Physiotherapists and osteopaths often treat similar conditions. Sometimes the approach the practitioner takes may differ. If you are unsure about which practitioner to see, please give us a call at (03) 8393 5288.

The Physiotherapists at TotalCare are specifically trained to identify loss of physical function and to maximise restoration of movement. Our Physiotherapists use a variety of strategies to optimise your physical functioning and reduce pain. Treatment will differ depending on the condition.
Physiotherapy can assist with:

• Neck pain
• Knee pain
• Lower back pain
• Sciatica
• Headaches
• Sports Injuries
• Muscle and joint pain
• Medial meniscus strains
• Tennis elbow
• Post-operative injury
• Acute or chronic injury
• Arthritis
• Posture and alignment problems
• Osteoarthritic knees
• Women's health and incontinence
• Adolescent and children's injuries

Clinical Pilates is an individualized program designed specifically for you, whereas fitness pilates is a group class where all participants complete the same exercises. If you have an injury or condition we recommend clinical exercise. Once you have rehabilitated appropriately you may then transfer into fitness pilates.

An Exercise Physiologist can assist you with:
• Recovering from injury
• Living with chronic pain
• Experiencing a mental illness
• Living with chronic health conditions
• Wanting a holistic approach to healthcare
• Returning to sport after an injury
• Wanting to improve functional capacity
• Improve sports performance

COVID-19 Information 


The health and safety of our patients and staff remains of upmost importance. We are continuing to adhere to changes in Government regulations and adjust our practices and procedures as required. Our aim is to continue to provide essential health services in an environment where the risks of exposure to COVID-19 is managed to the best of our ability.

Our practices will treat unvaccinated clients when clinically necessary only.



  • Signage is in place on the entry doors advising people not to enter the building if unwell/exposed to COVID-19.
  • Practitioners and staff have been advised not to come to work if they are feeling unwell or have any symptoms related to COVID-19 and get tested. They are not to attend work if they are a close contact to a positive case or have family members awaiting test results.


Attendance/Record Keeping

  • Our computerised record keeping system documents the date and time of attendance for all patients. Contact details for all patients are maintained in the record keeping system.
  • The names of all practitioners working on any given day are also documented and in the record keeping system. The company holds the contact details of the all the practitioners.
  • A reception/administration roster is displayed in the office area and the company has the contact details for all the reception/administration team.
  • Our Clinic is compliant with the Victorian Government’s mandatory vaccination requirements. All team members vaccinations status is recorded.


Hygiene & Cleaning

  • Hand sanitiser is in place in multiple sites throughout the premises for staff, practitioners and patients.
  • Disinfection wipes or medical grade disinfection spray and paper towels are in use in consultation rooms and other areas such as the exercise area and reception.
  • Treatment couch covers have been removed and practitioners are wiping treatment couches after each patient with medical grade disinfection spray and paper towels.
  • Disposable sheets are available to be used on the treatment couches or to cover pillows, if required. Any towels or the like are only for individual/single use.
  • In the exercise area all users are required to wipe down the equipment (with disinfection wipes or disinfection spray and paper towels) both before and after use.
  • All work spaces such as consulting rooms and reception are wiped down (disinfection wipes or disinfection spray and paper towels) between shifts.
  • Shared items such as magazines, toys and reusable cups have been removed from the waiting rooms. We encourage people to bring their own water bottle if required.
  • Our premises are thoroughly cleaned multiple times a week completed with anti bacterial fogging.


Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • All patients are required to wear a mask (unless they have an exemption) on our premises – including in Exercise Classes
  • Practitioners will wear masks when consulting and masks to be replaced every 4 hours. At a minimum practitioner are also advised to use safety glasses for single vaccinated or unvaccinated patients, those with a mask exemption, and whilst a patient is doing exercise that raises respiratory rate.
  • Reception and administration team members will continue to wear a surgical mask and masks to be replaced every 4 hours. They are encouraged to wear safety glasses if serving unvaccinated patients or those with mask exemptions.
  • All visitors must wear a mask unless exempt when on site.


Physical Distancing and Limiting Workplace Attendance

  • The number of chairs in our waiting areas have been reduced and the remainder spread out to allow for the required physical distancing.
  • When exercise equipment is used as part of the treatment/rehabilitation program, physical distancing must be adhered to.
  • Telehealth consults are available for as many of our services and with as many of our practitioners as possible.
  • Staff that are able to work from home all/some of the time have been set up to and are doing so.


Reporting A Suspected Or Confirmed COVID-19 Case

  • Instruct the COVID-19 positive person (practitioner, staff member or patient) not to return to our premises until the self-isolation period is completed and a negative test resulted is sighted and recorded.



  • To stay informed and up to date with the latest information go to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) website:
  • The DHHS has also established a hotline where any member of the public can call to seek information on COVID-19 on 1800 675 398.
  • For further health information the number for Victoria’s ‘Nurse on Call’ is: 1300 60 60 24.