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Osteopathy is traditionally thought of as a very hands-on type of therapy involving lots of manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue massage, trigger point release, joint manipulation and mobilization techniques.

At TotalCare we promote a very active form of osteopathy where the traditional methods are still used, but combined with a big focus on educating the patient to look after themselves via the use of exercise and advice on addressing other factors that might be part of the issue.

We know that pain is multifactorial and each person’s situation is unique. Osteopaths will try to individualize care to each person’s situation.

What can osteopathy help with?

Basically all musculoskeletal type conditions including but not limited to:

– Back/pelvic and neck pain

– Disc injuries

– Sciatica

– Nerve compression/sensitisation

– Sports injuries

– Postural/ergonomics related pain

When should I choose to see an osteo vs a physio at TotalCare? Both types of practitioner will be able to help you out regardless of what the issue is. There will be differences in approaches between different practitioners in a similar way to how there will be between two different physios for example. With an osteo you can expect a combination of hands-on therapy using osteopathic techniques combined with more active approaches as described above.